imagereader2017 Sunday WNYRACING Motocross events:

April 2nd–  Open Practice and sign up party (Not a race)

April 23rd-

May 21st

June 25th

July 23rd– Duel district race with WNYMA

September 2&3rd– CAN AM AIR/ Contgncy from Kaw, Hon, Yam, Suz, KTM, Husky/ Top 10 in all classes get awards/prizes

October 15th

GP HARESCRAMBLE- November 11-12-17

Classes Found at WNYRACING.COM

This Racing is outdoor style motocross, we use 2 tracks with a 2 moto format. All 65cc and up will be on main MX track. All 50cc riders and mini quads will race on our Dunlop track. You will need to furnish a WNYRacing membership or we accept any current district card.

Gates open- 7:00 am             411 promo

Sign up- 7:00- 8:30am

Practice- 8:30am

Racing 10am-6pm


Saturday Night Cross Events on the “Dunlop Track”

The Saturday night races precede all of our “WNYRacing” Sunday races. Saturday Night races are non sanctioned so no membership is required. This is a supercross format and we have classes for all bikes and ATV’s

Sign up- 3:00-5:00pm

Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Dunlop night cross track

Practice- 5:00-6:30pm

Racing -6:30-10pm

Classes (not in official order):

  1. 51cc Beginner 4-6 stock/ Beginner Play bike class
  2. Mini Quad (50cc 6-8)/(70cc 6-11)
  3. 51cc intermediate 4-8
  4. Mini Quad (90cc 8-11)/(90cc 12-15)
  5. 51cc Senior 6-8
  6. Quad Schoolboy Junior 13-15yrs (91cc-200cc)
  7. 60-65cc 7-9 yrs old
  8. 60-65cc 10-11yrs old
  9. Senior mini 85cc-150ccfs (12-15)
  10. +30/+40 Riders 40 and over
  11. Pit-Bike Class 1: Stock class/ Big Wheel pitbikes
  12. Women/Girls
  13. Mini combined
  14. Pit-Bike Class 2: Open Money Mid size Mod.100% payback
  15. Open Beginner
  16. Open Novice
  17. Open Am
  18. Expert Bike 100% payback
  19. Beginner Quad
  20. Novice Quad
  21. Am Quad
  22. Expert Quad 100% payback