One thing to remember is that everyone had to start somewhere. At Area 51 we know that it is important to enhance the motocross experience for the new riders. Don’t sweat it! No body is going to laugh at you if you can’t jump, or if you make mistakes. Practice is where it is at; with a sport as technical as motocross I can assure you that practice is essential. Try our Tuesday night practice if you have never raced before, we have constructed a special track that is easier to learn on. Once you feel like you need more of a challenge you can also practice with the racer crowd on Wednesday. Mid September we no longer do Tuesday and Wednesday evening practice, we switch over to running public practice on Friday night under the lights from 6pm-10pm for bikes 65cc-up and ATV’s 200cc-up.

We recommend that you are comfortable enough on your bike before you take to the motocross track. You should be able to ride your bike unassisted, and be comfortable with all the controls. Remember, you will be riding with others.

Although we don’t require training, Mx schools are offered at Area 51 Motocross, Check availability at the track or click on the “MX schools” page

Practice Tips
Wear all your protective gear- Minimum requirements are Helmet, Goggles, gloves, and boots. As a recommendation you should have knee cups and elbow guards.

Bring Gasoline-Spare common parts like spark plugs, master link, clutch & brake levers, tubes, ect.

Ride within your ability- Trying to ride over your head can be disastrous

Keep looking ahead- The worst thing you can do is be overly concerned about the traffic behind you. Ride as if they don’t exist, if they are faster than you, they will get by; try not to move over for anyone. Although it may seem courteous, chances are the faster guy behind you may be committed to passing you on the left, when you move left that will create a collision.

Obey flags
CHECKERED FLAG- End of practice.
RED FLAG- Stop and return to starting line-your practice will restart.
YELLOW- Means caution- Slow down, no jumping until you pass the incident.
RED CROSS- Means medical emergency-Use extreme caution! Slow down, no jumping until past the incident.

Extra things

Bring a stand for your bike and a ramp to get it in and out of your truck or trailer.

Bring a friend to watch and help.

Learn the track, go slow until you remember the track and the jump lengths.

We do have water if you need to hook up your power washer.

FIRST GEAR to and from vehicle only!

A first time rider’s experience!