With our location being right off the Interstate 90, gas, food, and lodging are plentiful. If the motor home/trailer is more your thing than read further to comply with our rules for free overnight parking. In order to hold Area 51 motocross to the highest standards of quality and safety along with meeting the Genesee county code these rule must be obeyed. Overnight stays at the track before an event is available. In order to fall under the Overnight Parking criteria the rules will be as follows:


• All fires must be contained in a fire ring

• Carry in carry out trash policy

• Dumping of gray or black water on the premises will be subject to fine and suspension

• Quite hour for generators and other motorized appliances is 11pm

• All dogs on leashes and are the sole responsibility of their owners.

• We do not have hook-ups for electric or water, bike wash and rinse water available

• If you are from out of town and wish to purchase a day or weekly membership you may stay at Area 51 with consent from management.

• We will tow vehicles if stuck. Our policy is to ask the owner to hook up tow chains and Area 51 will not accept responsibility for damaged vehicles from towing.

Any further questions please call: Chris 716.553.6502 or Corey 716.574.7433